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We borrow additional instruments for trials:

Keyboard Roland DX7 10 zł/attempt
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Head 40 zł/attempt
Fender Twin Reverb 30 zł/attempt
Ampeg SVT 40 zł/attempt
Ampeg SVT 2 ? 40 zł/attempt
Boss GT-10 ? 10 zł/attempt
Ibanez  Tube Screamer ? 5 zł/attempt
Schecter Omen Extreme (DiMarzio Evo) ? 20 zł/attempt
Schecter Loomis NT7 (Bare Knuckle Pickups Aftermath) ? 30 zł/attempt
Schecter C8 Hellraiser (EMG 808) ? 30 zł/attempt
Sabian HHX cymbals set ? 50 zł/attempt


Call or write and I’ll be happy to answer
to your questions:

Music Rehearsal Studio KOTŁOWNIA
tel: 504-12-87-86

We order via SMS!