You can record a demo with us!!

We upload max 32 tracks into the computer at the same time, using the so-called Hundreds method.
Then the material is mixed using Logic Audio. After submitting to your assessment, we proceed to the correction of the mix, according to your recommendations (one correction in the price).
We care about quality but most importantly on a short production time of the demo.

Sample recording

The large and third rooms have the option of registering a sample. We record an ambient shot of the rooms in the X / Y system with the Avantone CK33 stereo microphone. The material is recorded on your PenDrive and available after the trial.

The cost is only 10 PLN for the whole trial!


Call or write and I’ll be happy to answer
to your questions:

Music Rehearsal Studio KOTŁOWNIA
tel: 504-12-87-86

We order via SMS!