Medium room

Wooden space of 24m2, modern and air-conditioned room with legends of rock sound. Fully prepared acoustically.

We recommend to Rock, Blues, Pop, HH and all vocal projects. The room has a very natural open sound!


Gretsch Renown Maple Cadillac 10 ″ 12 ″ 16 ″ 22 ″ Pearl frame, 6 arms,

DW 7002Twin rate


Pearl Chad Smith 14×5, DW Design Maple 14×5,5″ , DW PDP maple bubinga 14×6,5″, Gretsch Renown Maple 14×5,5, Tama Starclassic B/B 14×6″, Peace bubinga 14×5″, Mapex Phosphor Bronze 14″x5,5″


Crash 16″,18″,20″ Diril Cymbals
Hihat: 14″,15″ Diril Cymbals
Splash: 8″,10″ Diril Cymbals
China : 18″,20″ Diril Cymbals
Ride : 20″,21″,22″ Diril Cymbals


EBS Fafner + EBS Proline 4×12″
MarkBass LM500 + MarkBass STD 104 HF


Vox Ac30 2×12″Greenback
Peavey Classic 50 USA 2×12″
Fender Twin Amp 2×12″
Orange  AD 30HTC + Orange PPC 2×12″


Loudspeakers: 2x HK Audio Linear 5 112FA 1000W

Mixer: Behringer Xair18 + Ipad 3 (Tablet Controlled)

Floor monitors: 2x HK Audio Linear3 112 + ElectroVoice Q44 2x450W

Microphones: Lewitt, Shure, Sennheiser, Avantone

In each room, stands, cables, microphones, music stand, guitar tuner.


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